Geneall is a scientific and cultural project with no commercial purposes.

Its primary sources are:
1. Works published on this matter over the centuries.
2. The result of private investigations of its webmasters, either done in the past or in the future to come.

The English network of Geneall  is part of a global project which includes five other websites divided by their native languages – Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Italian – and yet a seventh website gathering genealogical information on countries that do not fall under these categories.

Geneall integrates genealogical information concerning mainly the United Kingdom, Ireland and the North America, but also Australia, New Zeland and other English speaking countries.

Many of the individuals in this database have one (or more) balls next to their name, identifying them as descendants of the various kings that were selected as a reference for the correspondent nationality. This principle applies to all different networks. So:

U  A red ball identifies the descendants of William the Conqueror, King of England
  A golden ball the descendants of Charlemagne, Holy Roman Emperor
P  A dark-blue ball the descendants of Hugh Capet, King of France
H  A green ball the descendants of Ferdinand the Great, king of Leon and Castile
P  A pale-blue ball, the descendants of Alfonso I, the first King of Portugal

These ascendant lines, common to many English speakers are showed in every page. In the English website the red ball prevails but it is also possible to follow the other balls – easier to do so via the ancestors page – surfing the respective ball on the ascedancy below the name.

Thanks to the integration of these several websites in a global project, all the searches are done across the entire universe of records. Through the meshing gear below the logo you can filter networks and/or languages.

Along with the scientific and formative side of the present work, we hope Geneall mirrors, in its entertaining component, the pleasure we derive from make it.